February 23, 2024


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Surrender Of 5 Extremists With Weapons At SB HQ. Agartala.

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Agartala, 15th of January 2024 : On 15th January 2024, five NLFT (PD group) extremists namely (1)Netajoy Reang @ Naising(33) S/O- Shri Ratanjoy Reang of Bagichandra para, PS- Anandabazar, North Tripura District (2)Mohonda Reang @ Salthang(36) S/O-Lt Gayada Reang of Monacherra, PS-Khedacherra, North Tripura District (3)Sukumar Reang @ Sinai(27) S/O- Lt Lalrungthara Reang of Khashithai para, PS- Anandabazar, North Tripura District (4)Kiranjit Reang @ Berem(20) S/O- Shri Lalrama Reang of Plaster, PS- Anandabazar, North Tripura District (5)Bishnuram Reang @ Baikang(26) S/O-Lt Upendra Reang of Manikrai para, PS-Anandabazar. North Tripura District choosing to renounce the path of bloodshed crossed over to the side to India from their hideout in Bangladesh to join the main stream of life and surrendered before Tripura Police in front of Shri Krishnendu Chakravertty. DIGP (Intelligence). at SB Head Quarters Agartala with (A) 22 Chinese Pistol- 01(one) (B).22 Chinese made rifles 02(two) (C) .22 live rounds 17 (seventeen) (D) 70mm short gun shell- 10(ten) (E) Walkie-talkie with charging port- 01(One) (F) Bangladeshi currency- ₹ 770 (G)Bangladeshi mobile sim card-02(two) (H) Extortion notice- 05(five) (1) Extortion receipts 05(five). This group of NLFT(PD) has been operationally very active across the fence in Bangladesh.

Since January 2023, large number of NLFT cadres surrendered before security forces. So far, 26 active members of NLFT surrendered before Tripura Police and security forces. During the period, 8 cadres of NLFT have been arrested by Tripura Police. With the surrender of 05(five) cadres toady on 15-01- 2024, Tripura has further advanced towards making the state insurgency free. It is a significant achievement for Tripura Police as far as militancy is concerned. Due to such efforts of State Police, remaining fractions of NLFT is further finding it difficult to exist and operate. This is yet another step towards ensuring the goal of Law & Order and development.

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