May 25, 2024


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TBCU Organized Civic Action Cum Drug Awareness Programme.

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With the initiative of Immanuel Baptist Church authority under TBCU denomination which is situated at Taidu in Ampinagar, Gomati Tripura an inspiring civic action programme as well as awareness on drugs abuse has been conducted here in Datta Kumar Molsom Para (Montang) in Khowai district, Tripura. Under the able guidance and supervision of the Immanuel Baptist Church leaders this philanthropic social service programme has been accomplished successfully.

As per the report, a large number of social workers from 6 villages of the area have taken participation in this civic action programme with enthusiasm. Aiming to abolish the harmful tendency of multiple drugs prevalence am­ong the local youngs­ters these responsib­le church leaders have taken this generous initiative to keep their indigenous society free from add­iction. Sources said that beside preachi­ng of gospel this church leaders contribute in additional social development & awareness programmes too. The church leaders have interacted with the jungle dwellers in that remote areas and provided them cloths, food and gave them different kinds of tips over peace and prosperity of the society. To create anti drug awareness amidst the villagers the organizer authority has cond­ucted mega discussion over various narcotics that are conver­ting the society crippled.

Amidst the church member particip­ants there were Pu Sukhamani Molsom, president, Pu Rabindra Nath Molsom, vice president, Dn. Jagohari Molsom, secretary, Dn. Sonaram Molsom, Treasurer, Dn. Sodaibahadur Molsom, Asst. secretary, local pastor ordained, Evangelist, VL Chhuanawma Sailo and many other social workers remained present in this motivational programme. The local villagers have appreciated this good initi­ative of the church leaders and thanked them for their humanitarian welfare job.

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