June 15, 2024


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TBCU Organized Mega Cleanliness Drive Programme.

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With the generous initiative of TBCU of Taidu circle a mega cleanliness drive programme​ has been conducted here interior Taidu CHC campus and its surrounding areas where a large numbers of TBCU Taidu circle volunteers have taken participation in this inspiring cleanliness drive. Under​ active guidance and supervision of Rev. Mosia Molsom, in charge of Dhanlekha pastoral circle this philanthropic social service programme has been organized.

As per the report, the TBCU Taidu circle volunteers came to know that the Taidu CHC is surrounded by jungles and existing dearth of cleanliness interior the hospital that irritating the locals and the CHC needs a hygienic atmosphere for the patients and medical staff they immediately constituted a big team of volunteers from the TBCU of Taidu circle and conducted this appreciable cleanliness drive programme today. The women volunteers of the circle have washed the every floor of the hospital rooms with antiseptic liquid substance and cleaned them with broom application properly. Every side of the CHC has been cleaned including toilet areas. The active volunteers have cut jungles around the surrounding including adjacent road sides and cleaned the garbage aiming to generate a hygienic environment for the hospital.

The concerned TBCU volunteers have interacted with the hospital staff as well as the admitted patients and distributed fruits and sweets amidst them. The social workers of the TBCU of Taidu circle have been found most enthusiastic and they have accomplished the programme as part of God’s service. Among the distinguished participants of TBCU, Taidu circle there were O.E Vanlalchhuanawma Sailo, area in charge, Dn. Dokung Kuki, president, Dn. Roben Kaipeng, vice president, Dn. Jogohari Molsom, secretary, Dn. Darshanbhakta Molsom, assistant secretary, PU. Chandrasingh Molsom, treasurer and many other dedicated Christ servants remained present in the cleanliness drive programme. The local people have appreciated the generous initiative of the TBCU, Taidu circle and thanked the volunteers for their good job.

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