June 7, 2023


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Teliamura Municipal Council Initiative To Protect Ward No. 12 From Flood.

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Teliamura Municipal Council is constructing a drain on an urgent basis to protect a large area of Ward No. 12 of Teliamura Municipal Council from monsoon water inundation. This was a long time demand of the local people of the area. For that purpose, the work is being done before the monsoon so that the residents of some ward areas of Municipal do not face difficulties. In addition, Teliamura Municipal Councillor Rupak Sarkar, said that by constructing a paved drain in the next few months, they will be able to ease their 25-year suffering.

Some wards of Teliamura Municipal Council are located in low-lying areas, so the residents face difficulties due to accumulation of rainwater during monsoon. Due to accumulation of water in the drains of those areas, water enters houses and roads. This problem has been going on for years. This year, the river stagnated, especially in a large part of Ward No. 12, there was no drainage system. In the meantime, Municipal Councillor has started work under the supervision of the Government to protect all these areas from water inundation during monsoon. He said that some problems are still there and efforts are being made to provide a permanent solution within the next few months.