June 15, 2024


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The GDC Celebrated 74th Republic Day With Due Respect & Dignity.

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With the initiative of Government Degree College of Khumulwng 74th Republic Day celebration programme has been conducted here in the premises of GDC girls’ hostel in Khumulwng, West Tripura today. Under the able guidance & supervision of the college assistant professor cum hostel superintendent Maharani Hrangkhawl the entre programme has been beautified where a large number of girl hostellers have taken active participation in the programme. In the presence of many participants the assistant professor Maharani Hrangkhawl has hoisted the national flag and then addressed the college students.

To motivate the student participants regarding the history of our constitution she delivered a meaningful speech over the importance and significance of the Republic Day celebration. To enrich the knowledge of the students she said, “Today we are celebrating the 74th of Republic Day in this year 2023. The new constitution was enrolled on this day after attaining independence from British rule by the drafting committee under the deanship of Dr BR Ambedkar. It was on January 26, 1949, when the Constitution was adopted by the Constituent Assembly and came into effect on January 26.1950. On January 1950 the Indian Constitution was formally adopted, and that event is commemorated on Republic Day. India was freed from the British Raj on 1947, but it was not until January 26,1950, that the Indian Constitution took effect, making India a sovereign state and establishing it as a republic. 26 January was chosen as the date for Republic Day as it was on that in 1930 when the declaration of Indian Independence was proclaimed by the Indian National Congress. Through this significant Republic Day celebration we express the sovereignty of our country, India.”

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