May 25, 2024


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TIPRA Motha Staged Road Blockade At Ampi.

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Claiming immediate arrest of all criminals of who attacked the Motha activists yesterday at different places in Ampi the Ampi block TIPRA Motha organization has staged road blockade on Teliamura-Amarpur road here at Ampinagar today (20th October, 2022). Due to road blockade rows of different kinds of vehicles were there on both direction of the road. General public were in troubles and the vehicle movement was totally stopped. After receiving information of the road blockade higher officials have come to the spot and talked with the leaders of Motha organization but they claimed a confirmation period of time for arresting those criminals. The administrative authority did not provide them any particular time to arrest the offenders and almost whole day the bl­ockade was there on the road.

Afterwards additional SP some how managed them by reliable assurance and then in the evening the blockade has been withdrawn.​ In the other hand Hon’ble MP Rebati Tripura and PK Jamatia, state vice president have come to Ampi today to interact with the local BJP leaders over the present situation and investigated the destroyed BJP party offices here in Ampi and Gamagur village. They have​ estimated the total loss of the party offices and exchanged their views with the local saffron leaders over the unfavorable situation.

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