June 15, 2024


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To Commemorate The Ex. Minister Death Anniversary 600 Blank­ets Distributed Amidst The Poor.

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To commemorate the 4th death anniversary of the Ex. Minister Nagendra Jamatia an appreciable social work has been performed by his son Kahamnuk Jamatia here in different locations in Ampinagar, Gomati Tripura. Dr Kahamnuk Jamatia, son of late Nagendra Jamatia who was Minister and MLA from Ampi many years back has provided donation amidst the poor families as well as in educational institutions. As per the report, he has distributed about 700 hundreds new blankets amidst the poor people in various locations in Ampi on 21st and 22nd of December 2022.​ Sources said, the blankets were distributed in Sorbong, Dhanlekha, Garia Academy Model School, Tentui, Songduk hostel, Taidu etc.​

This generous initiative has been organized by the family of the Ex. minister Shri Nagendra Jamatia in​ commemoration the 4th death anniversary of him. As per the public opinion, Shri Nagendra Jamatia was a popular leader and he had good relation with the local population of Ampi. To accompl­ish this social work Dr. Kahamnuk Jamatia​ was accompanied by many social workers of Ampi, namely Badra hari Jamatia, Ampi ADC MDC Sadagar Kalai, Lila Jamatia, Lapada Jamatia, Ominik Kaipeng, Bilamba Jamatia, and Patalswari Jamatia. The poor villagers have expressed their gratitude and thanked Dr. Kahamnuk Jamatia for his grace over the helpless.

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