May 25, 2024


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Transcon Developers Under Fire For Denying Transit Rent And Erecting Illegal Flats In Santacruz’s Khotwadi.

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Mumbai, 24th of April 2024 : Residents of Santacruz West’s Khotwadi area are up in arms against Transcon Developers over delayed project completion, failure to pay rent, and unauthorized construction within the society.

Initially led by Aditya Kedia and Kirti Kedia, the project aimed to uplift living standards through modernization. However, delays have left families in dire straits.

Chronology of the Crisis :

  • – 2005: Transcon Iconic proposed slum redevelopment in Khotwadi, Santacruz West.
  • – 2011: Sai Durga SRA CHS Ltd. registered; developers received redevelopment approval.
  • – 2016: Residents agreed to vacate, promised redevelopment and rent.
  • – 2018: Despite vacating, promises remained unfulfilled, rent unpaid.
  • – 2024: Residents owed transit rent of Rs. 16 crore; no resolution.

Bureaucratic Allegations:

Residents allege bureaucratic collusion with developers. Sachin Naik (39), currently in Vile Parle, states, “Despite nearing completion, construction remains incomplete. Developers have built smaller rooms and 50 unauthorized flats.”

Numerous complaints have been lodged regarding delays, rent non-payment, and unauthorized construction. Despite complaints, no action has been taken.

Legal Action and Ongoing Struggle : SRA authorized legal action against Transcon Developers. However, no resolution has been reached.

Residents continue their fight for justice and urge Transcon to meet their obligations promptly.

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