May 25, 2024


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Tripura State Electricity Corporation Ensures Uninterrupted Power Supply Ahead Of Monsoon.

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Agartala, 9th of April, 2024 : As the monsoon season approaches, Tripura State Electricity Corporation Limited (TSECL) has embarked on a comprehensive initiative to ensure uninterrupted electricity supply throughout the state. Meetings have been conducted with officers and engineers across all divisions and sub-divisions, signaling the start of renovation efforts since February. TSECL, in collaboration with Tripura Power Transmission Limited (TPTL), has allocated funds amounting to 16 lakh 88 thousand for the renovation project. Additionally, 400 vehicles and 1830 casual labour resources have been deployed alongside existing infrastructure to expedite the process.The renovation endeavors encompass a range of activities, including trimming branches near transmission lines, clearing forest areas, straightening poles, and repairing hanging wires. These efforts commenced on February 16 and are slated for completion by the end of April.

Swapan Debbarma, General Manager Technical at TSECL, affirmed that all renovation works pertaining to electricity distribution would be concluded within the month. Residents are encouraged to report any issues or complaints by calling the toll-free number 1912 or via WhatsApp at 98635 96081.

Meanwhile, Tripura Power Transmission Limited is diligently carrying out pre-monsoon renovation activities across various transmission lines and substations. These activities involve forest clearance, removal of creeping trees, trimming of large trees and bamboos along transmission corridors and towers, and testing and repairing of electrical equipment at substations. Progress reports indicate that the pre-monsoon renovation of all lines and substations across Tripura is nearing completion. It is anticipated that the pre-monsoon renovation efforts under Tripura Power Transmission Limited will wrap up by April, bolstering the state’s resilience against potential disruptions during the upcoming monsoon season. The concerted efforts of TSECL and TPTL underscore their commitment to ensuring the reliability and efficiency of the state’s electricity supply, particularly during adverse weather conditions.

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