June 22, 2024


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Two Middle-Aged Women Tried To Commit Suicide By Poison.

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Khowai, 31st of January, 2024 : Family quarrels are increasing day by day the trend of suicide. Today, (31st January, 2024) two middle-aged women tried to commit suicide by drinking poison in Khowai. In the afternoon, two consecutive patients came to Khowai District Hospital. The doctor on duty checked and realized that both of them had taken poison. According to the details of the incident, Laxmi Das (36), wife of Bimal Das of Batapura village, Ramchandra Ghat area, poison sometime in the afternoon absence of other family members. Later, her elder daughter saw her and went to the neighboring house and said what her mother was doing. Neighbors quickly came and brought them to Khowai District Hospital. Two daughters of Bimal Das. According to the local residents, that there was always a quarrel between husband and wife. Today, when it became extreme, Bimal Das’s wife Laxmi Das taken poison.

On the other hand, Keshab Deb’s wife Anita Malakar, who is the Tripura Police personnel, also drank poison. Anita drank poison because of a family dispute. Anita is Keshab’s second wife, two sons and daughters from previous marriage and presently one son. As per the latest information, Laxmi Das’s condition is very critical. On the other hand, Anita Malakar’s condition is stable. At the same time, two poisoned patients came to Khowai Hospital, creating a sensation throughout the hospital.

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