July 16, 2024


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Udaipur District Congress Has Raised Protest Voice Against The Ruling Party.

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The Udaipur district Congress has raised protest voice against the ruling party in Udaipur by holding the hand of Soumitra Biswas, the district congress president of Udaipur.​ Today (5th September, 2022), Udaipur district Congress has protested against the hypocrisy of BJP administration by floating paper boats in river Gomati on the occasion of the anniversary of BJP’s lie about the arrival of ship in river Gomati in Tripura. ​ On this very day, instead of the promise of a ship arriving on the Gomati river route of Tripura along the Bangladesh Meghna river route, a small water boat arrived in Sonamura and the people of Tripura witnessed it.​ Instead of a ship, this small boat brought 50 metric tons of cement and made a joke.​ The Congress floated a paper boat on Gomati river near the city of Udaipur to mark the one year anniversary of BJP’s lie today and chanted slogans to protest the BJP’s deception with the people of the state.​ It is noted that the waterway between Daudkandi in Bangladesh and Sonamura in the Indian state of Tripura is covered by the Indo-Bangladesh Protocol Agreement.​ Out of 90 km of this waterway, 89.5 km belongs to Bangladesh and the remaining 500 metres belongs to Tripura.​

Soumitra Biswas said, “The people of the state have been deceived by the BJP in the name of coming a ship. On this day, instead of a ship, the people of the state saw a boat. Not only that, the people of Udaipur want to know from Udaipur minister that during the tenure of the double engine government.​ Where is the central school in Udaipur. Where is the minor OT in the Udaipur divisional hospital. Why is the lift for pregnant women in the district hospital non-functional. In all cases, the people of the state are victims of BJP’s deception.” Pradeep Roy, Parimal Bhowmik, Pradeep Sarkar, Habibur Rahman and other leaders were present in today’s protest​ ​ programme. The Congress leaders tried to convince people that abstract concept and reality are two different things.

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