July 16, 2024


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Villagers Raided And Recovered Illegal Liquor From The Woman’s House.

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Teliamura, 25th of January, 2024 : Under the cover of the illegal liquor business, the racket is running house at Teliamura. A young man was rescued by the villagers from the woman’s house in the dark of the night on January 22. The gathering went on in the house of a single woman in the dark night. The villagers said, the people of the village were angry. In order to protect the society, the house of the woman engaged in illegal activities was attacked by the villagers.The drunker youth in the rescued handed over to the police. Later on Wednesday, the illegal liquor dealer attacked the people of the village. People of the village are also accused of abusing in unspeakable language.

Afterwards public informed the Teliamura police station. The Teliamura police personnel arrived at Gamaibari of the woman’s house, the villagers many complained against the woman. Later, the police arrested the woman with the illegal liquor bottle and took her to Teliamura police station. The villagers complain that the woman involved in illegal activities should leave the village and go elsewhere. Illegal liquor business with illegal activities has been brought to their homes with the blessing of leaders in the area. This is the future of the young generation in the face of destruction.

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