April 18, 2024


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Water Woes Hit Reang Dominated Hamlet.           

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Amarpur, 9th of March 2024 : The primitive indigenous inhabitants known as Reang community is the worst victim for drinking water here in Ampinagar RD block in Gomati Tripura. As per the report, the Reang dominated Adi Debendra Para located about 12 km away from Ampinagar RD block under Gomati district is always in trouble for drinking water crisis throughout years. This mountainous village which is situated on high mountains adjacent Doctor Singh Para is suffering too much for water crisis in last many decades. This Reang communal people are always been ignored by the administration.

Malindra Reang, Dasaram Reang, Panchaiham Reang and many others of that village said, “Our poor Reang inhabitants are fully dependant on natural water sources for bathing, washing & drinking etc since the monarchy system. We vote every time but we did not avail  the water facility till the date. Our simple Reang community people are some how managing our  water requirement from natural sources throughout years though it is rainy or dry season. But in dry and rainy seasons we  have to face great problem to collect our drinking water from far off places. During rainy season all the natural sources become turbid with dirty rain water. In the other hand, in dry season all sources dry up gradually in the course of time. All political leaders appeal us for vote but all have ignored us to provide water amenity”.

The political leaders visit them before the election to impress them by telling all kinds of fraud  expectations and after the election they never turn back to see their problems of these helpless Reang people, said the villagers. Reportedly, Doctor Singh Para has a DWS project but its pipeline was not extended till Adi Debendra Para.  Malindra Reang said that Adi Debendra Para immediately needs water management where 45 families in Adi Debendra Para are totally deprived from water amenity since last many decades. Sources said, as a result for not having any alternative option the Reang villagers use germy water for drinking, cooking, bathing and other household activities everyday. Villagers said, the Reang women walk long distance to collect their essential water from beneath the mountainous valley every day by spending much time which is too much troublesome for them. In this dry season there are few natural drinking water sources  remain in the entire village which become turbid and muddy for over utility by the  villagers. Tribal ladies make line to collect water and bear water pots home on foot crossing zigzag path with great toil. In the other hand village cattle also drink water from this same natural sources which are not safe at all for human health. The children of the village always suffer from dysentery, diarrhea and other intestinal diseases throughout  years. The concerned DWS authority should visit this village to observe the situation and take proper step to solve the drinking water crisis of this helpless villagers immediately, demanded the local Reang people of Adi Debendra Para.

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