June 24, 2024


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West Bengal Rejects The Culture Of TMC’s Corruption, Hooliganism, And Misrule. People Want The BJP : Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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West Bengal, 20th of May, 2024 : Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed public meetings in Tamluk and Jhargram, West Bengal on Monday (20th May, 2024). Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticized the leaders of the TMC and INDI Alliance while underscoring the remarkable developmental achievements accomplished throughout the tenure of the BJP government in the nation. He addressed the massive public rally in Tamluk virtually from this platform. During the event, West Bengal State President Sukanata Majumdar, Jhargram Lok Sabha candidate Dr Pranat Tudu and other leaders were present.

Respected Prime Minister stated that in West Bengal, the TMC and the INDI Alliance were once formidable, but now, as the nation approaches the fifth phase, they are on the verge of defeat, which will be evident by June 4th. The countdown to the disintegration of the INDI Alliance has begun. The overwhelming support of the public in such large numbers clearly indicates “Phir Ek Bar Modi Sarkar.” The TMC is showing its frustration as they face defeat in Bengal. Sometimes, they insult the BJP, and other times, they threaten the public. Until yesterday, the TMC was criticizing the Congress, but today, they claim to be part of the INDI Alliance. However, the people of Bengal know that the Congress ship has sunk, and there are holes in the TMC’s ship as well. Even if they ride together, sinking is inevitable.

The Prime Minister remarked that this election is about the future of India. Those who pushed India back have been rejected by the country. The country remembers when the world was progressing rapidly, the Congress government was accumulating scandals. While other countries were advancing, the Congress party was holding back the youth. For 60 years, they chanted slogans of “Gareebi Hatao,” but the nation knows that it is Modi who has transformed India into the world’s 5th largest economy. It is Modi who lifted 250 million people out of poverty in 10 years and provided solutions to decades-old problems. By revoking Article 370 in Kashmir, terrorism is now taking its last breath, Pakistan received a fitting response, the backbone of Naxalism has been broken, and corruption has been curbed. The son of the poor has empathized with the plight of the poor, ensuring that money reaches their accounts without any cuts or commissions. For the first time, 40 million people received concrete homes, bank accounts were opened for more than 500 million poor people, mothers and sisters received toilets, and they gained freedom from smoke with the Ujjwala cylinder. Development has been achieved by the power of the people’s vote, which has brought about unprecedented change due to voting for the right party.

Hon’ble Prime Minister emphasized that this time, the people’s vote is needed to build a “Viksit Bengal” and a “Viksit Bharat.” When intentions are clear, individuals provide an account of their work, whereas when intentions are dubious, excuses abound. Modi-led government at the center presents its report card to the nation, while in Bengal, the TMC lacks a report card and instead possesses a “rate card” for jobs. The TMC has commercialized employment in Bengal, demanding money in exchange for jobs.

The Prime Minister continued, stating that Bengal’s schools, temples of education, have not been spared by TMC ministers. Their leaders have openly auctioned off jobs, jeopardizing the future of India’s new generation. The public knows who is sheltering corruption, who is protecting the accused, and who is hindering the functioning of the CBI. TMC poses a threat not only to the people of Bengal but also to the identity of Bengal itself. Today, the entire country is concerned about the situation in Bengal.

Respected Prime Minister highlighted the prevalence of violence erupting daily in Bengal, with BJP workers being murdered, and even in Jhargram, a BJP Karyakarta was killed. Communal riots have become common in Bengal, attempts are being made to erase the identity of tribal brothers and sisters, but the TMC is only concerned about its vote bank. These people are accommodating infiltrators through deceitful means. In border areas, the population of Bengal is decreasing, infiltrators seize the land of Dalits, backward classes, and tribals.

The Prime Minister  also pointed out that the TMC and Congress are seeking to legalize the occupation of infiltrators. Congress party claims that it will investigate everyone’s assets and then give the people’s money to their vote bank supporters. Baba Saheb Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar was against reservation based on religion, which is the essence of the Constitution. However, the members of the INDI alliance want to give reservation to their vote bank from SC, ST, OBC reservations. In Karnataka, OBC reservation has been taken away and given to Muslims.  On April 23, I challenged Congress to provide a written assurance that they will never take away the reservation for SC, ST and OBC and give it to a special community. But the entire INDI alliance has gone silent, and even after 27 days, Congress has not responded. In a 10–12-year-old video going viral on social media, a Congress’s Shehzade is seen openly saying that the Congress party will give reservation to the Muslim community. Journalists who advocate for extreme communalists should also pay attention to this.

Hon’ble Prime Minister highlighted that on one hand, the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that the Muslim community has the first right to the country’s resources, and on the other hand, the ‘Shehzada’ who was running the government by remote control talked about giving reservations to the Muslim community. This statement reveals the true character of Congress, which Congress and its ecosystem have kept hidden from the people for years. Recently, I was asked about the Congress manifesto in every TV interview. Today, the ‘Shehzada’ himself is saying that they will give reservations to the Muslim community, and this is the biggest proof of what the BJP has been saying about the Congress manifesto. There are three clear evils in Congress: first, the allies of the INDI alliance are completely communal; second, they are extremely casteist; and third, they are highly dynastic. The media ecosystem that protects these people has turned a blind eye to the insult of the country’s constitution. These communal, casteist, and dynastic individuals have no right to question Modi. In this 2024 election, Modi has exposed Congress’s Muslim League mentality, and that is why these people are rattled. Their entire ecosystem is searching for ways to escape this situation. The entire country is going to give the INDI alliance a harsh punishment in this election. The people from the general, SC, ST, and OBC categories will not let the INDI alliance take away their reservation.

The Prime Minister stated that in Bengal, TMC has attacked the people’s faith, and TMC leaders call the Ram Mandir impure. It is not the Ram Mandir, but TMC’s intentions that are impure. The TMC government itself issues orders to halt the Ram Mandir, uses its goons to attack the Ram Navami processions, and until now, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee herself has been threatening saints. Mamata Banerjee is openly threatening institutions like Ramakrishna Mission, ISKCON, and Bharat Sevashram Sangha, which are considered the spiritual identity of Bengal. In Jalpaiguri, there was vandalism at the Ram Mission Krishna Ashram and the sevaks were assaulted. No citizen ever thought that the Ram Mission Krishna Ashram would be attacked in Bengal, but the TMC government has crossed all limits to appease its vote bank. The entire country knows that the Ramakrishna Mission has played a significant role in shaping my life. Even after becoming Prime Minister, whenever I had the opportunity, I stayed overnight with the monks of Ramakrishna Mission. Congress and TMC have always hindered the progress of tribals. For the first time in the country, the BJP government made a tribal woman the President, but all the leaders of Congress, the Left, and TMC united to defeat the tribal woman in the election. TMC fielded their party leader against her. Those who did not want a tribal woman to become President have no right to seek votes from the people because they have betrayed the public’s trust.

 Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji said that I am working for the development of Bengal. The BJP government has opened a new medical college in Jhargram, improved Bengal’s rail connectivity, and modernized railway stations. However, where law and order have deteriorated, it negatively impacts investment and hinders industrial development. Medinipur and Tamluk are filled with opportunities for industry, but the entrenched TMC government in Bengal has not allowed the development of industries here for so many years. This is not just the misfortune of Tamluk but of the entire Bengal. The people’s vote will heavily impact the entire TMC syndicate. Modi will work day and night to fulfill the dreams of the people. Hon’ble PM Narendra Modi has called upon the nation to once again form a Modi government by securing decisive victories for Tamluk Candidate Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay, Kanthi candidate  Soumendu Adhikari and Dr Pranat Tudu from Jhargram.

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