July 14, 2024


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Wild Elephant Killed After Being Hit By Speeding Train.

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Teliamura, 10th of February 2024 : An adult elephant has been killed at DM Para in Teliamura after being hit by a speeding train on Saturday (10th February, 2024). After the death of the elephant suddenly disappeared a valuable tooth. The said incident took place in the area adjacent to DM Para railway line under Teliamura subdivision. Afterwards public informed the police personnel over this occurrence. After receiving the information, the police personnel arrived on the spot.

Disclosure of the incident details, the problem of wild tusked elephants is not a new issue in Teliamura sub-division. Group of wild elephants rampage indiscriminately in Teliamura sub-division for a long time. Wild elephants went on rampage and caused extensive damage to agricultural crops including houses. And the words of assurance of minister along with Teliamura forest department have completely failed to bring the wild elephants to bear.

Although about three to four days ago, an important meeting titled “Elephant Chasing Campaign” was held in the conference hall of Teliamura Sub-Divisional Magistrate under the leadership of Khowai District Magistrate to free the people of Khowai District from the problem of wild elephants.

Within few days, the dead body of a wild elephant was recovered from the railway line in Teliamura DM Para. However, a precious tooth mysteriously disappeared from the carcass of this wild elephant. Meanwhile, this incident spread excitement throughout the entire area.

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