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Worst Victim Villages For Road & Water In 41 Constituency. 

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Ampi, 10th of November 2023 :    The indigenous communities in different remote mountainous areas are the worst victims for road & drinking water amenities interior Ampi block in Gomati Tripura (TTAADC) for last many decades.

As per the villagers’ report, indigenous villagers of Bishkilo Para, Salka Para, Rajaram Para, Gandaek Para, Lungfung Para, Tangpaiha Para, Sontang Para, Ravan Para and many backward areas in Pahar Pur under Ampi nagar 41 constituency required road renovation and drinking water management immediately. The road from Chechua Kadamtala to Kasko under West Sarbong VC  is the worst condition. On the other hand, Specially Rutukroy Para & Reang Colony under Sarbong VC need road and drinking water amenities. Longtheng Para, Kalai Para and Holowa Para have jointly raised strong allegation over the concerned block & PWD authority for not renovating the dilapidated road from Kalai Para to Longtheng Para about 3.5 km distance and as well as from Chechua Kadamtala to Kasko about 6 km distance under Ampi nagar RD block in 41 Ampi constituency, Gomati Tripura required immediately renovation.

As per the local sources, this road was constructed brick soiling during the period of left era. Now this road brick soiling is under the soil and it looks like earthen road. By falling soil from  hills it has been spoiled. Jungle has been grown here and there. Uneven, potholes, side collapses and ditches in the middle of the road is the appearance of the road. During raining time all dilapidated hilly roads in backward hilly areas under 41 constituency in Gomati Tripura (TTAADC) turn dead trap for vehicles and pedestrians. Rain water stands in the ditches on the roads and creates heap of mud as the brick soiling is existing under the mud. Kaipeng, Kalai, Reang, Bongcher and Molsom people in Ampi are using troublesome roads and impure drinking water from natural sources throughout years for their daily livelihood. When there is a emergency case villagers face problem for vehicles. Due to horrible state of the roads drivers face uncertainty for their vehicle movement. As per the villagers, applications submission to the concerned authorities to renovate roads and drinking water management is not creating consequence. So, the above mentioned areas are suffering severely for road communication constantly for last many decades. The road from Gandaek to Krishnahow Para about 5 km distance is very critical for vehicles and pedestrians. The villagers appealed many times but the concerned authority is in slumber. The roads ran through hilly areas break fast and due to high speed of rain water tumbling along the roads in every rainy season and convert them very unfit for communication.

Sources said that the roads in Sontang villages  had been implemented brick soiling very earlier but there is no renovation. In rainy season all roads in Sontang convert full of mud. Due to negligence of the administration the local Kaipeng villagers are the worst victims of their  dilapidated road. These kachcha roads are creating tremendous woes for the rural deprived local Kaipeng people. The sides of the road have collapsed here and there by creating deep ditches. Uncountable potholes and uneven surface of the road created death trap for the vehicles and pedestrians. Due to not having brick soiling of some dilapidated roads portions in Sontang are totally unfit for communication. For the muddy condition of this road local drivers fear to drive on these  risky roads. During emergency cases villagers face critical circumstances to take patients and pregnant women to hospital.

Sources said that in Sontang village several solid guard walls are required to fill up holes. It seems that in this upcoming rainy season Sontang roads will turn more deteriorated for communication. The roads in Sontang villages, Sontang 1,2,3 are all dangerous for  local Kaipeng villagers. A villager said that in rainy season even bike also can not appear. The roads in Sontang villages, Sontang 1,2,3 are all dangerous for  local Kaipeng villagers. A villager said that in rainy season even bike also can not approach as the heap of mud here and there every where on these road. The concerned departmental authority must visit these roads and interact with the local villagers to take quick initiative for for implementation. The Kaipeng villagers demanded full carpeting of their village roads to create safe communication management including pure drinking water amenity for the common people of the areas.

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