June 15, 2024


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Youth TIPRA Federation Gave Deputation To SDO Of PWD & DWS.

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With the initiative of the Youth TIPRA Federation of Ampi block political committee a deputation has been given to the SDO of PWD of Ampinagar in Gomati Tripura today (29th September, 2022). Under the leadership of the YTF president Raju Debbarma of Ampinagar block committee a large number of TIPRA Motha leaders and YTF members have assembled here in the PWD office at Ampi today and placed their demands to the concerned authority. As per the report, total 21 roads in different VC​ under Ampinagar block are horrible state in this moment are needed urgently maintenance. The villagers were screaming for maintenance for these roads but the concerned authority is in slumber. The road from Chechua to Watok and Taidu to Sontang are totally death trap. In the same way other rest 19 roads under Ampinagar block are also dangerous condition.

The TIPRA Motha leaders have discussed with the concerned PWD authority elaborately through this deputation programme and created pressure on this government agency to take immediate initiative for these road renovation. In the same way the YTF leaders have given deputation to the DWS SDO Diva Sadhan Jamatia too for the immediate management of drinking water for 8 indigenous villages. The villages which are facing acute drinking water crisis are Salka Para, Old Debendra Para, Nagrai Drupahari Para, Nagrai Bongsi Para, Ramjuha Reang Para Tangpaiha, Choleha and Radha Krishna Para. The delegation has demanded immediate action over these villages that pure drinking water management must be disposed for the deprived poor villagers. If the concerned authorities do nor take appropriate step for the victim villagers then massive movement will be created by the Tipra Motha organization ahead, said the delegation. Among the leaders there were sub zonal chairman Deb Sadhan Jamatia, Ex. BAC Amarpur ch­airman Sanjay Jamatia, Ampi block TIPRA Motha committee pres­ident Subhash Debbarma, YTF member, Debarshi Jamatia and many others remained present in the deputation programme.

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