April 14, 2024


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3 Day Long TRP & PTG Reang Beneficiary Training Organized. 

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With initiative of TRP & PTG department of Taidu Range a 3 day long Reang Beneficiary Training programme has been organized here in Ampi TRP & PTG office in Gomati Tripura. As per the report, under the supervision of the TRP & PTG programme officer Pradip Acharjee of Ampi branch this Reang beneficiary training programme has  focused over various departmental schemes implementation management. The TRP & PTG authority has brought veterinary expert from ARDD department to provide all genuine tips to the innocent Reang beneficiaries to promote their gottery, piggery as well as poultry farm implementation process with skillness.

As per the beneficiaries’ statements, Reang beneficiaries took participation from 5 VCs under Ampinagar RD block. Reang beneficiaries from Ekjan Chara VC, Ampi Chara VC, Gamai Chara VC, East Taicholong VC and Jambukchara VC have participated with enthusiasm in their 3 day long training session over gottery, piggery & poultry farm implementation schemes of the TRP & PTG department. As per the official report, gottery scheme beneficiary- 45, piggery scheme beneficiary-20, poultry farm Beneficiary- 19 have taken active part in the training programme. It is expected that after attaining proper awareness and training from this session they will obtain good skill to handle their schemes and fame well ahead. After being capable over TRP & PTG govt. schemes implementation management these poor Reang families will generate good financial stability for their family.  

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