April 20, 2024


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Ampi YTF Unit Conducted Rumour Removal Campaign.                                 

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AMPI, 13th of March 2024 :  The YTF unit of Ampi block TMP has initiated door to door rumour demolation campaign here in Gamai Cherra VC under Ampinagar block in Gomati Tripura today. As per the report, fake rumour over Bubagra has been prevailed amidst the indigenous communities in ADC that he has gone against indigenous people of Tripura for signing accord with the BJP government. So, in this circumstance the YTF warriors have initiated door to door campaign against this fake rumour to convince indigenous communities that Bubagra has never gone against the favour of his own people but doing positive for the indigenous communities of TTAADC.

The YTF unit is motivating people over the philanthropic deeds of Bubagra  removing the fake rumour among the innocent indigenous communities. The YTF volunteers have moved house to house and proclaimed that the accord signing to a positive achievement for  TIPRA Motha part’s fundamental goal. As per the president of the Ampi YTF unit,  rural people are gaining the real meaning of the accord signing and they are giving positive response over the generous work of their Bubagra. Many common villagers have expressed to have existence in government will accelerate the governance function in TTAADC and it will widen the economic management of the ADC administration.

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