July 17, 2024


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Assembly Election-2023 : CPI(M) Electoral Campaign At Kalyanpur.

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Ruling and opposition political parties door-to-door campaign programme accelerated in full swing for the upcoming Assembly Election 2023 in Kalyanpur Pramodnagar Assembly Constituency.

With the initiative of CPI(M) party door-to-door campaign programme was organized at 40 and 41 booth under 27 Kalyanpur Pramodnagar Assembly Constituency on Saturday (21st January, 2023). As a part of this campaign, Left activist supporters and leaders visited almost every house in the respective booth areas and even visited the agricultural fields in some places and interacted with the common people.

CPIM Ghilatali Anchal Committee Secretary Shankar Debnath claimed that the Present Government misled the people in the name of promises and came to power and completely failed to improve the quality of the socio-economic system of the people. Shankar Debnath also claimed that the people of the entire State as well as Kalyanpur Pramodnagar Assembly Constituency have prepared for the change of Government during this period.

CPI(M) leader Subhash Nath,  CPI(M) youth leader Nirmal Das, student leader Sukanta Debnath and many others remained present in the campaign.

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