April 20, 2024


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Awareness Programme On Mission Life Organized.

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With the initiative of Ampi forest range an awareness programme on mission life has been conducted  here in Ampi forest range office premises where all the range office staff have taken oath to cherish the life style for environment. Aiming to create hygienic and life favourable environment the organizer has focussed over many essential topics and created awareness over the safe livelihood and life style for environment. The departmental authorities have taken oath to protect and preserve the natural environment  for human beings. They have created all required awareness over the negative elements which destroy our fresh natural atmosphere.

On asking the present forester of Ampi Nagar forest range office Anil Das said, “Our mission is to save and protect the natural surroundings and we are determined to generate proper awareness amidst the common people over the plants and their relationship with human beings. We will provide tips over the activities which destroy our soil and its freshness like polythene utility and unnecessary plants massacre are destroying the freshness of our natural environment. The responsibilities are on us to make the world suitable for man habitation and then our next generation will have the appropriate natural environment for safe and secured livelihood on this planet.”

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