June 17, 2024


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Baba Goria Petroleum Agency Inaugurated.

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Sepahijala,  25th of May 2024 : Jamatia Hoda Okra inaugurated Baba Goria Petroleum Agency here in Jampuija in Sepahijala district. As per the report of agency owner Sumanta Jamatia, through this agency inauguration ceremony a social awareness programme was also conducted. Aiming to create healthy social infrastructure of the Jamatia community Jamatia Hoda Okra has led this awareness programme where many social issues of the Jamatia community have been highlighted. On this occasion a large number of Jamatia Hoda association activists have assembled in the event and took active participation in the programme. To generate convenience amidst the local people Baba Goria Petroleum Agency has been  inaugurated in the presence of the many dignitaries of the Jamatia Hoda body.

According the report, to generate healthy society the programme dignitaries have emphasized over the burning social hindrances as antisocial activities which are destroying the youths of the Jamatia community. How to eradicate the tendency of different drugs from the society and save the youngsters from its dangerous affect was the staple issue of the awareness programme. Apart that the main points of the discussion was over religious issue, education, agriculture, forestry and safe hygienic environment. Many youngsters and prominent persons of the Jamatia community have attended the programme and gained important consciousness over the various social issues through this agency inauguration cum awareness  programme. Onwards now local people will avail petroleum service here in this agency easily. Locals have appreciated the initiative of Jamatia Hoda and thanked them for their philanthropic endeavour of the social development. 

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