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BSF Always Dedicated Services To The Nation.

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BSF since its inception in the year 1965 has always dedicated its services to the Nation.  It continues handling multifarious challenges involving National Security, living upto the standard of the motto of the Force i.e. “जीवनपर्यन्तकर्त्तव्य”.

In the state of Tripura, BSF has been entrusted with the responsibility of guarding International Border stretching upto 856 Kms.  Over the years, BSF Tripura Ftr has taken multifaceted responsibilities, in fighting the insurgency, in maintaining the sanctity of the border and in preventing all kind of trans-border crimes, while working under adverse climatic conditions in remote & inhospitable topography and highly malaria epidemic zones in most of its operational areas.  BSF Tripura Ftr has always maintained good coordination with Govt of Tripura, the State Police and other sister agencies while managing its assigned tasks to safeguard the borders and maintain peace and harmony amongst the border population.

BSF Tripura Ftr has achieved several milestones during the preceding year 2023.The following are some of the important achievement of BSF Tripura Ftr during the period from 01 Jan 2023 upto 15 April 2024:-


a)      Anti-insurgency Front

During the period, BSF Tripura Ftr maintained strong vigil on the border to prevent trans-border movement of insurgents, particularly in the eastern segment of the State. BSF formations under Tripura Frontier persistently persuaded18 insurgents of NFLT(BM) Cadre for surrender and joining the mainstream of society.

Prevention of Trans- Border Crimes (Seizure of contraband items)

During the period from 2023 and upto 15 April 2024, huge quantity of contraband items worth Rs. 94.56 Cr have been seized,

Following is the detail: –

1.Yaba Tablets1,89,843 NosRs. 9,45,79,500/-
2.Ganja22,392.23 KgsRs. 14,28,94,250/-
3.Phensedyl / Eskuf2,11,616BtlsRs. 3,91,01,340/-
4.Liquor24,520BtlsRs.  43,61,606/-
5.Cattle2,582NosRs. 3,53,27,000/-
6.Gold5.662565 KgsRs. 2,48,12,409/-
7.Other Contraband ItemsRs. 60,45,76,718/-
 TOTALRS.  94,56,52,823/-

b)      Destruction of Ganja cultivation in depth area in state of Tripura

During the period from 01 Jan 2023 to upto 15 April 2024, BSF along with sister agencies and acting independently conducted special drive in the depth area and destroyed following number of Ganja saplings: –

Ganja Saplings Mature / Immature24,14,200 Saplings worth Rs. 24,75,75,000/- (Twenty four crore seventy five lacseventy five thousand )

c)      Prevention of illegal infiltration/exfiltration

Due to strict vigil on the border, troops of BSF Tripura Ftr has apprehended total 1018 personnel while attempting illegal crossing of border. Total number of Bangladeshi National and Indian National apprehended by BSF are enumerated in the following table:-

S NO.  PARTICULARSOutgoing  Incoming  Total
 Bangladeshi Nationals131367498
 Indian Nationals289107396
 Others Nationals / RIMs06118124

d)      Strengthening of Border Infrastructure

BSF Tripura Ftr took several initiatives to complete the fencing work on the border as well as by deploying technological solutions and employing other measures.  Currently, the Single Row Fence (SRF) work is in progress (08 Nos gaps) in stretches. The BSF Tripura Ftr has also taken initiatives at the local level to plug the Nullah and culvert gaps to prevent the illegal activities. The BSF Tripura Ftr has also taken initiatives to install smart surveillance system (503Nos of surveillance cameras) to enhance the border domination in most smuggling and infiltration prone areas.


BSF Tripura Ftr has regularly maintained very healthy and cordial relationship with the border population and organized various civic action programs over the year.  During the period, following Civic Action Programs were organized.

  • Medical camp
  • Providing amenity items
  • Providing study materials and sports items to students
  • Recruitment training to youth in bordering areas.
  • Vocational training etc


Units, Sectors and HQrBSF Tripura Ftr has been regularly organizing various sports and games activities in different campuses by involving the local population, school children and also the counterpart BGB personnel to enhance good cooperation and better coordination.  Some of the important achievements under this head during the period are enumerated as under:-

a)      Inter FTR football competition was held at FTR HQ Salbagan from 16.10.2023 to 20.10.2023. Total 11 FTRS of BSF participated in the competition.


BSF Tripura Ftr have regularly conducted various other social activities in its different campuses and at other public places as enumerated below:

a)      During this period following RozgarMela held at FTR HQ BSF Tripura:-

Held onOffer of appointment distributed (including other department Central Govt.  Offer of appointment handed over by the dignitaries
28.08.2023Total – 273 (CRPF – 80, BSF-100, ITPB- 01, CISF-80 & SSB – 12)      Ms Pratima Bhowmik Hon’ble Minister of State of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt of India
12.02.2024Total – 45 ( BSF – 13, EPFO – 04, Postal – 01, Finance Tripura Gramin Bank- 27 )

b)      plantation drive – Total- 192403 of saplings were planted in FTR HQ Tripura and under command Sectors/ Units.

c)      Felicitation of widows/NOKs of BSF Martyrs and Retirees on special occasion.

d)      “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” campaign at all campuses as well as in public places like Railway Stations, Hospital, and Schools etc.

e)      Several programs under Azadika Amrit Mahotsav and Meri Mati Mera Desh were organized.


BSF Tripura Ftr has always maintained cordial relations with its counterpart BGB at various hierarchical level.  Following are some of the achievement under this head during the year 2023-24:-

(i)      01 Inspector General & Region Comdr BGB Level talks held             in the month of September 2023 in Chattogram, Bangladesh.

(ii)      Several Sector level Comdr and commandant level meetings were held between two border-guarding forces.

(iii)     During these meetings several bilateral issues and bilateral issues pertaining to border management.

  • Conduct of simultaneous coordinated patrol.
  • Real time sharing of information

(vi)    During the year 2023- 2024 several BD nationals who inadvertently crossed IB have been handed over to Bangladesh Border Guards as a goodwill gesture.

6.      Concurrence regarding development works

Year 2023-2024 is a milestone in settling various long pending bilateral issues between India and Bangladesh by the initiative and persistent efforts of BSF.

During the Director General Level Talk between DG BSF & DG BGB held in the month of June 2023, 03 pending development works were settled through concurrence on reciprocal basis. Out of 05 development works settled on Indo-BD border, following 02 were concerned with Tripura

(i)      Construction of bailey bridge over Sonairiver in the AOR of BOP Mohanpur.

(ii)      Construction of Bridge near LCS Rangna Bazar.

During the Director General Level Talk between DG BSF & DG BGB held in the month of 2024, 06 pending development works were settled through concurrence on reciprocal basis. Out of 06 development works settled on Indo-BD borders. Following 03 works are concerned with Tripura.

  • Welcome gate, conference hall, viewer’s gallery & immigration check post building of ICP Agartala.
  • Construction of land custom station (LCS) Muhurighat.
  • Construction of LCS Paharmura.

During 2023 concurrence from BGB regarding construction of single row fence (SRF) on 11 patches in Indian Territory (within 150 mtrs of IB)obtained in exchange of maintenance/development works of Kasba & saldanadi railway station (within 150 mtrs from IB) concurred on reciprocal basis.

Construction of SRF on 08 patches in Indian side and development work of railway stations on BD side is in progress.


To maintain peace and tranquility on border and to maintain friendly relation with our neighbour Bangladesh, BSF has adopted Non-Lethal Strategy maintaining its commitment towards Human rights. Cases of Firing from Lethal weapons has decreased considerably since last few years and have taken place only in extreme compelling circumstances.


During 2023 influx of Rohingya Illegal Migrants and BD nationals has increased through the state of Tripura. They are using Tripura as a corridor to reach different destinations in India.   A well-established network of Touts of Modules across border exist in which facilitate illegal migration. Touts and harbourers having access & network in different parts of Tripura and they are involved in facilitating illegal crossing, providing shelters, providing genuine and fake identity documents and providing assistance during travelling for further destinations. In the month of November 2023, a special operation was launched by NIA with the active assistance of BSF and several touts involved in illegal migration has been apprehended. Prominent infiltration routes have been identified and BSF in close coordination with sister agencies is closely monitoring the activities of touts. This has considerably reduced the number of infiltration attempts by RIMs.


1)      Ayushman Bharat –

Ayushman Bharat (also known as Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana, or PM-JAY) is a joint initiative by the Ministry of Home Affairs and the National Health Authority. It provides cashless healthcare services to the serving CAPF personnel. The scheme also covers their dependent family members.

2)      E-Awas –

The E-Awas system is designed to benefit personnel of the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF), which includes paramilitary forces. Personnel can access the system online. The system allows personnel to choose and express preferences for quarters based on availability, leading to greater satisfaction.

3)      PRAHARI app –

The PRAHARI app is specifically designed for serving Border Security Force (BSF) personnel. The app includes features like user biodata, My Bills, and leave filtration, Ayushman, CLMS, CpGrams, eAwas& Recruitment.

4) Inclusion of millets in diet.


BSF Tripura Ftr has always maintained exemplary standard of bravery and professionalism in its service to the Nation, simultaneously maintaining cordial relations with all sections of the society in the State of Tripura as well as with the Counterpart BGB.  We are committed to maintain the same in the years to come.

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