May 30, 2024


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Congratulations & Celebrations : Shyam Sundar Co Jewellers.

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Agartala, 5th of January 2024 : Shyam Sundar Co Jewellers presented ‘Congratulations & Celebrations‘ –  at Agartala Press Club, on 5th January 2024.

‘Congratulations & Celebrations’ is an annual affair that is really a happy ending of the festive season – with presentation of the Mega Draw Prizes to the Lucky Winners amongst customers who bought jewellery from Shyam Sundar Co Jewellers during the year’s ‘Sharadiya Swarna Sambhar’ and ‘Chomok Bhora Dhanteras’ festive promotional offers.

The lucky coupons were picked from the whole lot of purchase coupons, earlier last month, in the end-of-season draws at the seven showrooms of Shyam Sundar Co Jewellers in Tripura and Kolkata.

And, this year, the lucky winners for the five prized scootys are Shri Ranjit Ghosh, Shri. Swapan Bhowmik, Smt. Rubia Das, Shri. Chayan Das of Tripura  and Shri. Souvik Roy Chowdhury of Kolkata; and the  Scootys were presented to them today in an environment of joy and happiness that lived upto the spirit of the day.

“This year, the end of season presentation is extra special because it happens to be the climax of the 21st year edition of ‘Swarna Sambhar’ and 18th year edition of ‘Chomok Bhora Dhanteras”, said Rupak Saha, Director, Shyam Sundar Co Jewellers, “and nothing could be more special than crossing  landmark milestones in our journey with a celebration of people who helped us make it all happen”.

“It gives us great pleasure to hand-over the prized Scootys to the lucky winners and wish them continued good  luck”, added Mr. Saha, “and we take this opportunity to thank our customer-friends, across Tripura and Kolkata, for their overwhelming response to the festive promotions and to reassure them of our commitment to live up to their expectations of quality, service and value-for-money !”

The ‘Congratulations & Celebrations’ presentation ended on a really happy note and, as always, the promise of a lot more joy and happiness in store – to celebrate the coming new year and seasons of festivals, weddings and more.

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