July 17, 2024


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Debdaru OP Organized Mega Awareness Programme.

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With the initiative of Debdaru OP officials mega anti drug awareness programme has been conducted here in many different locations in Baikhora PS jurisdiction areas in Shantir Bazar today. Under the able guidance and supervision of Debdaru OP OC Bakuljoy Reang these  awareness programmes have influenced amidst the local inhabitants of the area. Aiming to vanish the tendency of various drugs amidst the youngsters and make them stay away from all kinds of drugs the police officials have provided good tips to the local youngsters.

As per the report, Debdaru OP OC Bakuljoy Reang and ASI C Mog jointly conducted total 8 Prayaas meeting/Awareness programmes at different places under Baikhora PS area. Sources said that awareness programme has been conducted at Chingla Mog Para, Patichari Colony Para, Patichari Colony bazar, Chengala Mog Para, Harijoy Colony, Chathoi Colony, Rabidhan Para and North Hichachara under Debdaru beat No.8. The officials discussed over the deadly consequences of drugs utility. The OC Bakuljoy Reang said that Drugs destroy youths in the society and defile the hygienic atmosphere. Drugs create family dispute and bring unsteady and sadness amongst family members. No one can escape from the dangerous side affect of drugs. He advised the villagers to stay away from any kinds of antisocial activities and attain healthy & happy citizen life. Many youngsters and notable persons of the areas attended in these awareness programmes and cooperated the police officials. Local people appreciated the initiative and thanked the police officials for their good job.

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