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Devastating Fire Incident North Market At Teliamura.​

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A Devastating fire broke out north market at Teliamura on Sunday (24th September, 2023).​ Several shops were gutted. The incident happened around noon on Sunday.  Instantly the flames spread and took on a huge shape. Teliamura fire department personnel rushed to the spot. The fire was so large that it could not be contained by a single fire engine. After this two more engines came from Khowai and Kalyanpur. Information was given to Jirania Fire Department. Ampi and Ambassa fire brigade was also brought.

On hearing the news of the incident, youths rushed from Teliamura city and surrounding areas. Teliamura MLA Kalyani Roy rushed to hear the news. She witnessed all the events himself and called upon all present to cooperate. Finally, after several hours of efforts, the fire brigade was able to control the fire with the help of a total of six fire engines and the help of the people present. The extent of the damage is not yet known. But this area is said to be the dense business area and main center of the market. If timely measures were not taken, then a large part of Teliamura market would have been burnt to ashes.

The cause of the fire is not yet known. However, according to some business sources, the reason for the fire to take a huge shape in a short time is the bet stored in the godown of a businessman. It is said to have stockpiled a large amount of beets for the festive season. However, various circles believe that the real reason will come out in the investigation of the incident.

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