May 30, 2024


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Family Dispute Over Property, 4 Injured. 

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A critical dispute amidst the same family members over property in East Harua Ward No. 5 has created excitement in the area where four members of the same family were admitted to North District Hospital in Dharmanagar with injuries.

As per the report of the locality, Bloodshed broke out in East Harua village panchayat under Dharmanagar police station on Thursday evening over a property dispute. The incident took place at the home of Manjulal Das, elected Gram Panchayat member of Ward No. 5 of East Hurua Gram Panchayat. After the incident, they complained against each other and admitted to the hospital.

According to Panchayat member Manjulal Das, his elder son, Monilal Das, beat up his mother, Aarti Das, her two daughters and their younger son’s granddaughter, Payal Das, and sent them to Dharmanagar Hospital on Thursday evening. Meanwhile, according to Manjulal Das’s elder son Motilal Das, his parents and sisters jointly attacked Monilal Das and his wife Savita Das and left them bloody. All were rescued from the spot by the staff of Dharmanagar Fire Department and admitted to North District Hospital of Dharmanagar. All are currently under treatment in hospital. However, mudslinging is going on by blaming each other. Manjulal Das said that this incident has been going on since 2017. While the younger son lives with his parents, the elder son Monilal Das lives separately. And there is always conflict between them. Even between the children of elder brother and younger brother there was daily conflict.  As the fight between the children continued today after Thursday evening, it spread to the adults. They are undergoing treatment at the Dharmanagar Hospital now. Police has initiated proper investigating and trying to find out the genuine facts over this bloody dispute.

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