May 25, 2024


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Teliamura-Agartala Buses And Max Vehicles On Indefinite Strike.

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The Teliamura-Agartala transport system was stopped and the drivers of buses and max vehicles went to indefinite strike. The indefinite strike began at approximately 10:30 a.m. Friday (3rd November, 2023) morning. And due to the stoppage of this vehicle, the suffering of passengers is extreme.

According to the details of the incident, two leaders of BMS bus-max drivers association of Teliamura and Chandrapur said, Police harassed and fined them when they parked their vehicles on the Assam-Agartala National Highway in the heart of Teliamura city and took passengers. As a result of which they have to stand at Netajinagar and old Teliamura Hospital grounds to pick up passengers. But that’s where the trouble comes. The leaders claimed that passengers do not come to the grounds of Netajinagar and old Teliamura rural hospitals. As a result, they had to cross from Teliamura to Agartala with an empty car. And keeping this issue in mind, bus and max drivers stopped buses and max vehicles in Teliamura-Agartala for an indefinite period on Friday.

On the other hand, a leader of the BMS bus-max drivers association demanded that they should be allowed to park buses on the Assam-Agartala national highway from Ampi Chowmuhani to Maruti Syndicate on the side of the national highway. But their claim to be nothing more than a formal challenge to the strictures of police administration is beside the point. And as a result of this strike, a huge rush of passengers going from Teliamura to Agartala was observed in Teliamura. Passengers are standing on the road for hours without getting a car, as a result of which they have to suffer a lot.

But it needs to be mentioned here that in the strict steps have been taken to stop the tradition of parking vehicles on National Highway in Teliamura city by organizing several operations to decongest Teliamura city. And for this reason, Teliamura-Agartala traveling buses and max vehicles are affected. And as a result of this, today’s invisible period is strike. Now it is a matter to be seen when the normal bus and max vehicle movement will start again from Teliamura to Agartala.

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