April 23, 2024


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Farmer Great Success Of Red Bharat Sundari Apple Ber In 8 Months Cultivation In Tripura

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Teliamura, 11th of January 2024 : A successful rural enterprising farmer in just 8 months. Delicious winter fruit Red Bharat Sundari Apple Ber (apple cool). These delicious Apple Ber are in great demand among buyers and sellers in the State and others States markets. This delicious winter fruit was not cultivated earlier by the farmers of the State, but in the present period farmers are cultivating this fruit in different parts of the state. As a result, the demand for this sweet fruit in the market of the State is increasing day by day. In the hill state of Tripura, a farmer cultivates an apple cultivar called Bharat Sundari.

The apple cultivar called Bharat Sundari looks basically like an apple fruit. Farmer of Nayanpur area of Teliamura sub-division bought the saplings of apple tree called Red Bharat Sundari Apple Ber and planted the saplings in his land and started apple cultivation just 8 months ago. The name of farmer Biswajit Sarkar the residence of Nayanpur area. He said, about eight months ago from Kolkata, he bought seven hundred saplings of apple tree called Red Bharat Sundari Apple Ber and planted the saplings on his own land of about three kanis and started cultivation. And today after only 8 months its yield has matured. Sweet fruits are also sold separately in the market. He said the yield has been very good and its quality is also very good. He also said that the businessmen from far away bought the apples called Bharat Sundari and took them to different parts of the city to market them and are seeing profit.

Now the farmer Biswajit Sarkar is currently selling saplings of the sweet apple variety called Bharat Sundari. He also wants the youth of the State to avail this facility from their locality without spending extra for saplings in other states. He will also provide necessary support. Biswajit, an ardent farmer by profession, is happy to earn more than his own income from the produce of his apple orchard called Bharat Sundari. A rural the farmer is earning his personal income by cultivating the Red Bharat Sundari Apple Ber tree, so he hopes that the unemployed youth will come forward for such work. Because unemployment brings depression in people’s lives and addiction comes from addiction. So, if you join such work, it is possible to earn in a very short time. Also, the way of going astray will be reduced to a large extent.

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