July 14, 2024


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Forest Officials Seized 3 Log Loaded Trucks.

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Amarpur forest range officials have obtained appreciable achievement on Tuesday (6th June, 2023). Based on secret information Amarpur forest range officials, Ampi Nagar SDPO along with Ampi forest range staff rushed to Sadagar Para to catch log smugglers who are very active in Ampi-Gandacherra border areas. As per the local report, these log smugglers are destroying forest very rapidly specially in Ganganagar area under Gandacherra as well as the forest resources under Ampinagar forest range jurisdiction. Today being informed a team of many officials of the concerned department PS officials have rushed to Sadagar Para and seized 3 loaded trucks with teak logs.

As per the officials, there were 9 loaded trucks altogether but when the smugglers came to know that forest & PS officials have arrived in Sadagar Para to catch them immediately 6 trucks have been unloaded and thrown away all logs. The smugglers scaped from their place with empty vehicles. Before the officials arrival unloaded trucks managed to disappear from the village but there were more 3 vehicles did not get chance to scape. The smugglers ran away leaving their loaded trucks. Forest officials brought many vehicles and dozers to pick up all illegal logs; there was a big queue of recovering logs and vehicles when officials were returning to Amarpur. Local sources said, like this smuggling activities are going on for last many months but administration is silent. Local villagers raised allegations over the PS check posts which are always in action. All these smugglers’ vehicles go through Ampi to Teliamura by crossing several check posts but for them gate is always open. Public demanded immediate inquiry of these outlaw log smuggling and how they pass through police check post regularly without any objection? Amidst the officials there were SDFO of Amarpur Josh Pal Debbarma, SDPO of Ampi Tuhiton Tripura, Amarpur forest range officials as well as Ampi forest range staff took active part in the raid. 

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