April 14, 2024


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Gandatwisa SDM Cleared Illegal Land Occupation.​

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The Sub-Divisional Administration of Gandatwisa has cleared a illegal occupation of land interior Gandatwisa hospital premises today. On this operation common people of Gandatwisa have been found very happy. As per the report, about a week back general people of Gandatwisa have noticed that somebody has captured hospital land illegally and constructed a sh­op there interior ho­spital boundary. The Gandatwisa people have opposed it and submitted complain to the administration over the issue. Due to this new shop the only way to go to the hospital morgue was blocked. The road is closed at the mouth of that road and people was facing problem to enter into hospital.

As soon as it spreads in the area, the public was in wrath. The local TIPRA Motha leaders were also angry over this illegal land occupation interior hospital campus. Demanding immediate step to remove the shop one by one a few written com­plaints were submitted to the concerned authority of Dhalai district as well as Gandachhara Sub-Divisional officials. Fi­nally on Monday evening DCM and sub divisi­onal administration unitedly took acti­on and destroyed the shop in the presence of Babul Malakar, DCM. On this philanthropic operation of the administration public expressed satisfaction and appreci­ated the initiative.

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