July 12, 2024


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Government Ambulances Used To Carry Patients Are Being Used To Carry Passengers.

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Teliamura, 1st of July, 2024 : Government Ambulances used to carry patients are being used to carry passengers for the sake of earning more profit. According to the information received, there is Government Ambulance number 102 to bring sick patients to Teliamura District Hospital. These ambulances are usually kept to serve sick patients in emergency situations. Because usually the ambulance car is made to serve the patient. There are many other vehicles to transport other common passengers. But when it is seen that the ambulance drivers are serving the common passengers for the sake of earning more profit, then it is not acceptable at all.

In such a matter, a section of common people has been complaining for a long time that ambulance driver No. 102, which is meant to serve the patients of Teliamura sub-division hospital, is carrying passengers from Teliamura to Agartala. According to that complaint, when the representatives of the news media started investigating this matter, such an image was caught on their camera. Where it can be seen that ambulance drivers are carrying patients from Teliamura to Agartala while carrying other passengers in the greed of earning more profit. About which he is getting really excited.

On the other hand, it is widely the rumoured that the present Health Minister and Chief Minister is making various efforts to improve the health system of the state, while many workers under the health department are getting involved in these corruptions in order to earn more profit. It is now to be seen,  health department takes any action in this regard after the publication of this report. Or in this way the ambulance driver keeps heating his pocket by making more profit by illegal means by serving passengers with the ambulance to serve the patients.

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