April 14, 2024


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Miscreants Destroyed Rubber Plantation In Ampi.​

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Police is not able to arrest the rubber plantation destroyers till today.​ Rubber planta­tion burning incident is not stopping till now. Being envious on rival political supporters some miscreants are continuing destroying people rubber plantations at night when people are asleep. The same picture has appeared here in South Ampi VC last night.

As per the report, the rubber plantation of Sunil Kalai of Twic­hen Para under 41 co­nstituency in Gomati Tripura has been bu­rnt at about 2 am last night. The Ampi BJP mandal president Shibnath Jamatia al­ong with other BJP leaders including a team of police have visited the burnt garden and observed the status of the destroyed garden. He has interacted with the family members of the owner and gave them consolation. He has given them assurance that he would raised the issue to the government to provi­de them compensation ahead.

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