May 28, 2024


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Public Raised Allegation Over Police Personnel. 

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The common people of Kameshwar Gram Panchayat in Dharmanagar held a crucial meeting among themselves and threatened the administration due to the inaction of Dharmanagar police station.

Losing faith in the Dharmanagar police station, common people held a meeting in Kameshwar village panchayat on Sunday to express their anger over their police administration. On Sunday, common people in Kameshwar village panchayat under Dharmanagar police station finally sat in a meeting among themselves after being fed up with the thieves. In this meeting it was decided that local thief Nilkanta Malakar and his close associate Subal Shukla Vaidya from outside state will be expelled from Kameshwar Gram Panchayat as well as Tripura State. In this, the police requested the help of the administration, if they do not get it, then how to evict them from the village, the villagers of this village can take the proper measures.

In the details of the incident, the villagers said that the villagers of Kameshwar Gram Panchayat have been plagued by thieves for the last three to four months. Repeatedly complaints of theft by villagers have been reported to Dharmanagar police station. But the villagers are disappointed with the role of the police station. On October 25 this year, the villagers were finally forced to go to the police station and complain about taking action against the thief. The godown of Bhanu Esh, a decorator’s trader in their village, is emptied by thieves. Bhanu Esh  as well as the villagers were furious as they did not get various items including fans, chairs, tables, motors of the decorator. When they caught their suspect Nilkanta Malakar and interrogated him, Nilkanta Malakar confessed to the theft and took out many things from the forest near his house in a drunken stupor. Not only the decorators, but also the other stolen things of the villagers come out from Nilkanta Malakar. Nilkanta then told that his other accomplice was Subal Shukla Vaidya. Subal Shukla Vaidya is a native of neighbouring State but currently lives in Kameshwar area in Dharmanagar. When the police arrived, the villagers handed Nilkanta over to the police and informed over Subal Shukla Vaidya. Dharmanagar police arrested them under public pressure but released both within 24 hours of arrest. Both of them are roaming freely. The villagers say that if they don’t steal anything for now, they will return to their former form after a few days. Because their identity is known to everyone in the village. So to get rid of the thief nuisance, the villagers held a meeting on Sunday and decided that these two must be arrested by the police. And Nilkanta Malakar will be removed from Kameshwar by the villagers and Subal Shukla Vaidya will remove from Tripura. People trusted the police earlier, now they have no faith in Dharmanagar police. If the police administration helps them, if not, the villagers of Kameshwar Gram Panchayat will leave Nilkanta out of Kameshwar and Subal out of Tripura to protect themselves from thieves.

Meanwhile, complaints have been raised from various quarters that the police of Dharmanagar police station now act proactively only in all incidents that will make their pockets heavy. Otherwise, thinking about the common people, there is no longer any kind of instinct towards their work. Officials are more busy filling their pockets with money than government salaries, so the purpose of government and government duties are being neglected.

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