June 15, 2024


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School Children Study On Villager House Varandah.

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Due to not having Anganwadi Centre in Sontang no-1 village under Ampinagar ICDS branch children are bound to study on villager house varandah for last many years.

As per the report, the Anganwadi Centre of this village had been totally collapsed many years back but the concerned authority did not take initiative to construct the centre again till the date. In this circumstance children, centre staff are in distress. Specially during raining season children are depriving from pre-primary education for last many years as rain directly hit children on varandah. Cooking disadvantage, toilet problem, irregularities In children feeding etc are the common features of this Anganwadi school.

On the other hand, the cooker, a lady from the same village was cooking for last many years but suddenly she has been prohibited by the ICDS officials not to work any more in the centre and another lady from far off place has been appointed in her place but the school committee does not accept that new lady. Being dissatisfied over this the school committee alongwith local leaders submitted recommendation to the concerned ICDS authority to keep the previous lady as cooker for the good centre management. The school committee denied to accept that lady as she would be unable to maintain regularity in school management for great distance. In this situation the school is in worst state now to impart quality education to children. Every where is obstacle for the centre.

The villagers demanded immediate new centre building construction and the same cook will be there in the centre who is working for last many years. In this condition the ICDS officials should consult with the local school committee over the better management of the centre. The concerned authority must visit the centre and compromise with school committee and local leaders to take genuine initiative to generate a smooth centre management for the benefit of the villagers. 

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