May 25, 2024


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Punjab National Bank Teliamura Branch Harassing Customers.

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Teliamura, 10th of April, 2024 : The Punjab National Bank is harassing customers in Teliamura branch. All bank services were suspended by putting a white paper notice on the pretext of Lok Sabha elections.The Punjab National Bank Teliamura branch went on a self-declared shutdown on Wednesday citing the pretext of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Although there is no holiday on April 10 as per government rules, the Punjab National Bank Teliamura branch called for a self-declared holiday. According to the complaints of the customers, there is no public holiday on Wednesday as per the government rules, but the workers of PNB Teliamura branch have raised their work culture for Lok Sabha elections.

Although many complaints against the PNB Teliamura branch, including harassment of customers, mistreatment of customers, have come up on deaf ears. Although branches of all banks except Teliamura are open, the only exception is PNB Teliamura branch. However, Thursday is self-declared closed and then Friday is Eid holiday, Saturday is the second Saturday of the month and Sunday is already a holiday. As a result banks like PNB in the Chaitra market suddenly self-declared closure resulting in massive financial crisis for customers.

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