July 14, 2024


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Reliance Jio Supports Users From Other Networks Through ICR During Cyclone Remal In Assam.

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Assam, 13th of June, 2024 : Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. (Jio), India’s leading telecommunications provider, has extended critical support to users from other networks through Intra Circle Roaming (ICR) during the recent Cyclone Remal, which severely impacted various regions in Assam. This initiative ensured seamless connectivity and communication for millions of residents amidst the natural disaster.

Cyclone Remal, which struck Assam last month, caused widespread disruption, with power outages and damage to infrastructure, including telecommunications networks. In response to the crisis, Jio activated its ICR arrangements, allowing users from other mobile networks to access Jio’s robust and resilient infrastructure. This measure provided uninterrupted mobile and internet services to affected individuals, ensuring they could stay connected with their loved ones and access emergency services.

Jio’s advanced network infrastructure, known for its extensive coverage and reliability, played a pivotal role in maintaining communication lines. The company worked tirelessly to keep its network operational and extend support to those impacted by the cyclone, demonstrating solidarity and corporate responsibility.

Jio’s efforts have been widely appreciated by local authorities and the general public, highlighting the importance of collaboration and readiness in disaster response.

Reliance Jio remains committed to leveraging its technology and resources to support communities in need, ensuring that connectivity is never a barrier during emergencies.

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