April 22, 2024


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Resentment Prevailed Over The Barbed Wire Fence Implementation.

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Public wrath has been prevailed over the unfinished barbed wire fence work on the border of Feni River in Sabroom township. As per the report, the home minister of the country, Amit Saha had visited this opened border area where barbed wire fence was​ supposed to construct shortly 9 months ago, but the contractor could not touch the unfinished work till the date. His visit was observed by Sabroom residents of that area on March 8, 2022.​ Minister of Home Affairs Amit Saha had visited in Sabroom town area of ​​South Tripura and interacted with the local people. He had investigated India border of South Tripura of India-Bangladesh, adjacent to Ananda Para of Maitri Setu on Feni River 96-BN.​ From BSF (Pillar No. 2215 1-RI. Gin No. 697) to (2225 1-RI. Gin No. 698) about one and a half km of barbed wire work is incomplete.​

According to a special source of the administration, on that day the minister of the home department of the country, Amit Saha said that he would start this fencing work within seven days and complete it within a month.​ A question of the people of Sabroom arises that why the Minister of State of the country Amit Shah actually visited the border area of ​​Sabroom where he had given words to the people to start the fencing implementation immediately?​ A question from the people of the border area of ​​Sabroom town is why the barbed wire work is being delayed.​ It is hanging incomplete till the date creating uncertainty for the inhabitants of the border areas. Their further complaint is that drug and human trafficking continues almost every day through this border area.​ A section of Sabroom’s intellectuals have started rioting in shops and markets over his blasphemy. Local people adjacent border area are in panic situation that during upcoming election 2023 any kind of terrorist activity may occur due to this illegal exchange tendency through this corridor.

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