July 16, 2024


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Road Widening Work On National Highway Very Poor Quality.

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The negligence of the agency responsible for the work of the National Highways may cause major accidents on the national highways at any time. It should be noted that before 2018, the national highway located at the Atharamura (Hachuk Beram) Hill was in ruins. And due to this broken condition, there were frequent vehicle accidents. After the formation of the BJP coalition government in 2018, the contracting firm NSC took up the widening and improvement of Assam-Agartala National Highway. Assam-Agartala at the Atharamura Hill in Mungiakami Rd Block, Teliamura Sub-division, in the name of widening of National Highway No. 8, work is now going on to poor quality.  

The local villagers complains that the road works are of very poor quality. And as a result of this poor quality work, the matelling of the road is getting up and creating potholes. As a result, there is a danger of major road accidents at any time on the national highway. But from another source it is known that the work on the side of Atharamura road is not being maintained. It is also alleged that despite the fact that the stone used in the work contains soil and crushed stone, the work is being done with that stone. However, when asked about that, a worker said that there is no irregularity in the work. The local villagers feel that the roadside for shoddy work are likely to be demolished within days. At any time, the national highway may be disturbed by landslides. Due to indifference of the department concerned, the national highway may be disturbed at any time. NHS Division, now it is to be seen how much the department takes necessary steps in this context. The concerned higher authority must visit the road to investigate the status of the road widening work implementation and take appropriate step to stop like this duplicate implementation on this road, demanded the local people of the area.

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