May 29, 2024


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Road Woes Created Terrible Wrath Amidst Locals.     

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Amarpur, 29th of April, 2024 : The rural indigenous villagers are the worst victim of road woes in different remote areas under Ampinagar block in Gomati Tripura & Ganga Nagar block in Ambassa subdivision in Dhalai district. A road from Ganga Nagar to Malda about 11 km distance under Ganga Nagar block in Ambassa subdivision in Dhalai district and other two roads in Sontang village are in worst condition.

As per the report, one road from Palku to Krishnahow Para via Sontang about 5 km distance and another road from Gandaek to Holy Angel School located in Sontang village no-1 under Ampinagar block in Gomati Tripura about 3.5 km distance is in horrible state for last many decades. Due to worst condition of the most useful roads the villagers are great victim who are suffering from road woes for last many decades. The entre distance of the road in 44 Raima valley in Ganga Nagar block is totally damaged; it is full of potholes, broken including uncountable pits and uneven which has created great problem for the pedestrians and vehicles movement. On the other hand, the  dilapidated state of the roads in Sontang village is a critical hindrance for the school going students and all local village pedestrians. Some local inhabitants of the area expressed deep wrath over the concerned authority for not taking any kind of initiative for the road maintenance.

A villager named Daniel Kaipeng of Sontang village said, “We are the worst victim of these two dilapidated roads. We face dangerous problem every day to walk and drive vehicles on these  damaged roads. Due to broken condition of the roads it is very risky for vehicle movement. In rainy season we face fearful condition for pedestrians and vehicle driving. Rain water stands here and there in uncountable pits; due to not having brick soiling muddy roads stop our movement in rainy season. For not having drainage management and box culvert rain water flows along the damage roads and accelerating its condition more critical. We have appealed to the concerned authority to do maintenance the roads many times but no body takes us seriously. Political leaders visit us only election period and give us false expectation.”

According to the latest report, due to not availing road amenity total six villages of booth no-03 of 41 Ampi  constituency in Sontang village boycotted this L.S election. And it has been confirmed that around 700 voters have boycotted poll in Sontang and in the same way ‘No road no vote’ issue 1000 voters boycotted L.S poll in Ganga Nagar block under 44 Raima valley constituency. All the indigenous voters have declared that unless and until the administration provides them road & water amenities no one will vote in coming election too.

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