May 30, 2024


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Heat Wave In Tripura : Coconut Water Is A Popular Drink In Scorching Hot Weather.

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Teliamura, 29th of April, 2024 : The Scorching Hot Weather made life miserable across Tripura. Sweltering heat wave has been sweeping the state. The temperature does not want to go down. Various cold drinks in the market are in great demand to get some peace in this heat. Compared to that, nature has created a lot of different drinks. Coconut water can help to bring some relief to those cravings. To give people a bit of coolness in this summer and also to earn some money along with it, various mores were seen sitting with Coconut in Teliamura town.

Coconut water is a popular summer beverage for cooling down. During the hot summer months, people enjoy drinking fresh coconut water. Coconut water helps you beat the summer heat.

A vendor was seen selling coconut water on the side of the national highway at Shibbari premises under Teliamura sub-division. Interacting with the seller, he said this Coconut water seller imports a little income for the family. At the same time, people can be given a little satisfaction in summer. They buy and sell them from rural areas. Like other years, this year also brought to Teliamura city for sale.

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