May 30, 2024


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Salary Deprivation Amidst BRP & CRP Staff.

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Aiming to generate better educational infrastructure in the education management Tripura education department had appointed BRP & CRP teacher Trainers in different blocks of the state. A section of the BRP, CWSN teacher trainers are in depression due to their less salary management by the state education department.  The second phase appointed the BRP (CWSN) teacher trainers under the Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan(SMSA) scheme of the central government has raised allegation over the concerned education department authority here in Tripura for depriving them by paying less salary for years.

As per the report, the department had appointed the 1st phase of BRP teacher trainers about 12 years back. Later on the department had appointed 2nd & 3rd phases of BRP teacher trainers in 2017 here in different blocks to fortify the educational academic infrastructure more favourable to generate quality education in block level schools in the state. The 2nd & 3rd phases appointed BRP teacher trainers are the victims who had gotten half salary and a large number of due amounts of the deprived BRP & CRP trainers are hanging till the date. A section of deprived BRP staff accused that same qualified school teachers are availing  much more salary than these post graduate BRP teacher trainers. The victims had applied to the concerned authority several times requesting an appropriate modification in the discrimination of the salary management but no initiative has been taken yet.

According to the report from the High Court verdict on SSA project all employees should be provided regular pay scale as they are fully deserved for it. The BRP, CWSN staff has appealed the concerned education department to take immediate step for those BRP & CRP victim employees who are suffering economically in family management. These deprived BRP & CRP trainers expressed deep grievance and said ” The education department of Tripura has created salary hindrance amidst the BRP & CRP trainers which is a great obstacle for us to maintain our families. We all the victim teacher trainers who had been deprived from our proposed salary as it had been mentioned in the scheme management criteria of our job is not implementing by the department and that is the reason we have  faced too much difficulties to manage our daily family needs as the family management expenditure is very high. Previously the 1st phase appointed BRP trainers were getting Rs.28200 per month but the 2nd & 3rd phase BRP staffs were given Rs.9680 monthly though all the BRP teacher trainers are equal qualified, same in post rank, educational qualification even there is no any kind of discrimination in duty performance and that is why the department has to pay our pending dues which had been cut from our genuine salary.” The deprived teacher trainers more added that as per the MHRD PAB policy all the BRP trainers are should be given the same salary in the state but the concerned departmental authority in Tripura had created salary discrimination and deprivation for the half of the BRP teacher trainers in their tenure.

As per the rule we deserve the full salary for our service as the school graduate and post graduate teachers avail but our deprivation is unabated till the date; we want regularization of our job including DA amenity, said a group of trainer staff. All articles & commodities are too much costly that are required for family management but the department does not give us full salary, said another victim of the group. The concerned central higher authority of the Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan scheme immediately should concentrate over the issue and take initiative to find out a better management in salary implementation for all the BRP &CRP trainers in Tripura, demanded the deprived BRP & CRP teacher trainer staff of the state. 

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