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Shyam Sundar Co Jewellers : Kolkata Art Fair-2023.

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Shyam Sundar Co Jewellers is presenting Kolkata Art Fair 2023 at ICCR (Indian Council For Cultural Relations), Kolkata from 17th to 20th March 2023.

Kolkata has always been seen as the cultural capital of India; and its citizens looked up to, as amongst the most intellectual and culturally conscious in the country.

‘Kolkata Art Fair’ is an initiative to add to the image of the city as a good old art destination; and is, therefore, a signature showcasing that was waiting to happen.

Kolkata Art Fair 2023 is the third edition of this signature showcasing of art and artists.

A carnival, really, with over four hundred participating artists and more than 1000 works of art on display during the 4-day event.

And the venue is Indian Council For Cultural Relations, in the heart of the city, with all the four galleries of The Rabindranath Tagore Centre booked for the occasion.

‘Kolkata Art Fair 2023’ has been put together by India Art Gallery.

The inaugural programme on 17th March was graced by eminent artists Jogen Chowdhury, Samir Aich and Debojyoti Mishra; and the 4-day event began with much song and dance about art and Kolkata.

“I am very happy to be a part of Kolkata Art Fair because this is really a signature showcasing that was waiting to happen”, said eminent artist Jogen Chowdhury.

“As a member of the core team, I am overjoyed to see ‘Kolkata Art Fair 2023’ finally happening; and we are very hopeful that it will be just as successful as the last two editions”, said music composer Debojyoti Mishra who is also displaying his artworks in one of the galleries.

“Kolkata Art Fair is real good news and that is why I decided to happily sing my heart out”, said Samir Aich who performed with his group.

“The objective of ‘Kolkata Art Fair’ is to remind the city of its incredibly rich and diverse artistic heritage, as well as showcase new trends in paintings, sculptures, photography and installations”, said Mehatab Molla, Secretary & Organiser, ‘Kolkata Art Fair’, adding “And to provide a platform for new artists, from both urban and rural areas – for nurturing and helping them build their careers with lesser obstacles than what artists of the past had to face”.

“We have always taken our pursuit of excellence beyond the four walls of our jewellery showrooms and celebrated art, craft and all that is really gold”, said Arpita Saha, Director, Shyam Sundar Co Jewellers, adding, “And we are very happy to be associated with Kolkata Art Fair right from its inception because this signature showcasing was really long overdue in our good old city – the cultural capital of the country and art hub of India”.

“It gives us great pleasure to present this third edition of Kolkata Art Fair and know that – with the kind of public response it has been getting – this much awaited annual showcasing of art has already found its place in the city’s event calendar and is well on its way to become a major happening in the art world”, said Rupak Saha, Director, Shyam Sundar Co Jewellers,

‘Kolkata Art Fair 2023′, the third edition of this signature showcasing of art and artists, is on at ICCR from 17th to 20th March. .

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