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ST Certificate Cancellation Issue Created Wrath Amidst Tiprasa. 

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Ampi, 19th of December 2023 :  A large number of indigenous people living in TTAADC have expressed very negative reaction over the promptness of ST Certificate Cancellation Issue of the Christian indigenous people of the state. Many indigenous political leaders have totally rejected the promptness of the issue with hatred and motivating people not to co-operate those people who are trying to divide Triprasa people based on religion and provoking communities to vanish social harmony. They do not want social prosperity or communal fraternity.

An active social activist Sanjay Jamatia of Ampinagar said, “It is a worst conspiracy for our indigenous people to divide them over religion and an evil endeavour to generate conflict amidst the indigenous communities. We are living all religious people side by side with love and harmony; there is no discrimination over religion and government amenities. But suddenly the issue created by the Janajati Suraksha Manch over the ST Certificate Cancellation has created unsteadiness amidst the Christian families. Though there is no specific government amenity for the Christian people then why like this issue has been raised and tried to divide Triprasa people? We all those who try our heart soul for the welfare of  Tiprasa society never accept like this destructive initiative which is harmful for our social integration.”

Through a press meet Sanjay Jamatia has appealed honourable CM Manik Saha not to provide permission to Janajati Suraksha Manch to organize this gathering on this holy Christmas day on Astabol ground. Many indigenous social leaders are motivating people not to go the upcoming Mass Gathering in Astabol ground which will be organized on 25th of December 2023. On 25th of December is Christmas Day which is very holy and joyous day for the Christian people but like this anti-Christian movement will certainly demoralise the Christian people. Like this political issue brings axiousness and despair to peace loving people and it should be avoided for the welfare of the society, said one of the indigenous leader.

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