May 29, 2024


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Teliamura Administration’s Strict Action Against Illegally Stockpiled Fuel.

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Teliamura, 9th of May, 2024 : Teliamura Sub-divisional Administration and Sub-divisional Food Department have successful operation to stop black market of petrol and diesel. A huge quantity of illegally stored petrol and diesel was recovered during the operation of the department. It may be noted that there is an extreme shortage of petrol and diesel in the state for the few days. As a result, common people have to stand in long queues at petrol pumps to buy certain of petrol. Exploiting this extreme scarcity of petrol and diesel in the state, black market of dishonest petrol and diesel has become active in the entire state as well as Teliamura Sub-division.

Allegedly, these black market circles are cutting public pockets by selling petrol diesel at exorbitant prices to the common people during the petrol diesel crisis. Teliamura sub-division administration and sub-division food department have taken action against the petrol diesel black market circles which has already become active in Teliamura sub-division. On Thursday, the department recovered 55 liters of petrol and 122 liters of diesel stored illegally against the black market of petrol and diesel by raiding various areas including Ghilatali and Kalyanpur of Teliamura sub-division.

Apurba Krishna Chakraborty, Additional District Magistrate & Collector of  Teliamura Sub-Division, Teliamura Sub-Division Food Department Officer Shubhankar Chowdhury led this operation. Police inspector Kamlendu Dhar of Teliamura police station and the officials of food department were also present of this operation.

Regarding this operation today,  Additional District Magistrate & Collector of Teliamura Sub-Division Apurba Krishna Chakraborty siad, their operation is mainly to stop the black market of petrol diesel. Moreover, the petrol diesels recovered through this operation of this day are handed over to the petrol pumps as per the government rules, so that the common people can get these petrol diesels at a fair price. He also said that if the activity of such gangs is observed again in Teliamura subdivision in the coming days, then the department will immediately take strict action against them.

During the petrol-diesel crisis in the state, a huge positive response was observed among the public of Teliamura sub-division around this successful campaign by the sub-division administration and food department against the black market of petrol-diesel active in the state.

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