June 18, 2024


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TIPRA Motha Conducted Electoral Campaign In Paharpur.​

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With the initiative of Ampinagar TIPRA Motha block committee electoral campaign has been conducted here in Paharpur VC under 41 constituency in Gomati Tripura today. Targeting to upcoming assembly election 2023 the Motha block committee leaders including the Ampi 41 constituency candidate Pathanlal Jamatia have assembled in this electoral campaign and motivated the local indigenous Reang inhabitants of the village of Dhananjay Para; requested them to vote TIPRA Motha candidate for better future of this deprived village. The village is situated about 7 km away from Paharpur and did not reach any kinds of govt. amenity till the date. The Motha leaders have given words the villagers that after coming into power TIPRA Motha will provide them road facility, water facility, education management for the village children and ration card to all families.

As per the report, about 25 Reang families of this Dhananjay Para do not have ration card till the date. The Motha leaders have​ inspired the local Reang villagers over the party vision and urged them to support the TIPRA Motha organization to obtain all kinds of social amen­ities and be united with Bubagra for their better future.​ The Ampi block Motha leaders are conducting​ electoral campaign here and there in every corner of the remote indigenous habitations and convincing the rural indigenous people over the Greater Tipraland and motivating them to come under the banner of TIPRA Motha for the betterment of the indigenous people of TTAADC. The leaders have conducted another electoral programme here in Gangia Kami under 41 Ampi constituency. They have created closed relationship with the common rural people. In every indigenous majority VCs under Ampi block campaigns are going on in full swing.

Among the leaders there were Janakhari Jamatia, Amarpur 42 constituency observer, Subal Debbarma, Ampi block vice president, Subhash Debbarma, Ampi block president and many others remained present in the campaigns.

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