December 8, 2023


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TIPRA Motha Conducted Victory Rally In Ampi.​

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The Ampi block TIPRA Motha organization has conducted assembly election victory procession here in Chechua & Ampinagar today where a large number of Motha activists of the entire block has taken participation in the rally. The TIPRA Motha unit of the block has commenced the rally from Chechua and then here in Ampinagar. They have marched on Teliamura-Amarpur road including Ampi market lanes with great enthusiasm and excitement.

Men, women and many youngsters were found in joy. They have shouted ‘Long live Bubagra’ and then assembled in cyndicate ground where EM Kamal Kalai and Pathanlal Jamatia have addressed the people. Pathanlal Jamatia has expressed gratitude to the voters who have chosen him to be MLA for Ampi 41 constituency. He has clarified over the prospective of the Greater Tipraland and advised people to keep trust on Bubagra.

EM Kamal Kalai said, “Our demand is genuine and it is not for the indigenous people only but Greater Tipraland is for all communities who are living in TTAADC. We want to promote over all progress in TTAADC areas which will be beneficial for all communities including Bengali community in TTAADC.​

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