June 15, 2024


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TIPRA Motha Gave Deputation To Ampi BDO.   

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With the initiative of Ampi Nagar TIPRA Motha block committee road rally cum deputation to Ampi block BDO has given today. The Motha organization has given deputation over four charter of demands. As per the report, the demands are-

1. The Ex-MLA and former BAC Chairman Sindhu Charan Jamatia should not be entertained by the officials and all his orders should not be followed by officials as his tenure is expired otherwise greater movement will be organized later like road blockade and calling off strike etc.

2. They urged the BDO to conduct development works of block and VC transparently with the consultation of their  Hon’ble sitting MLA Until the VC election is conducted.

3. They  urged BDO to conduct developmental works very smoothly with the consultation of Village Development Committee notified by the Government of TTAADC any official resolution should be passed and dispatched through the table of Village Council Office to its higher authority.

4. Beneficiary selection of different project in block level or VC level should be done with the consultation of the present MLA of 41 constituency and block development committee. 

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