May 25, 2024


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TRPCL’s Bamboo Value Addition Center At Surendranagar To Be Elevated As Center For Innovation & Excellence. 

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Ampi, 7th of November 2023 : The Tripura Rehabilitation Plantation Corporation Limited (TRPCL) is proud to announce the transformation of its Bamboo Value Addition Center located at Surendranagar into the Center for Innovation and Excellence. This is strategic move represents a significant step towards commitment to fostering innovation, sustainable development, and community empowerment in the entire Northeast region.

Chairperson TRPCL Ms. Patal Kanya Jamatia said that the Bamboo Value Addition Center was established with the vision of harnessing the potential of bamboo as a valuable resource and the new step towards upgrading it to a center of innovation & excellence will have remarkable strides in the fields of craftsmanship, product design, and economic development., Taking this initiative Capt. G.S. Rathee, mentioned that this Center for Innovation and Excellence will serve as a hub for not only advancing bamboo-related activities but also as a platform to incubate ideas, foster research and development, and promote collaboration with artisans, designers, entrepreneurs, and technologists. This Transformation is aligned with our mission to explore and harness the endless Possibilities offered by bamboo and other sustainable materials. The center is already equipped with modern machines and technology which will be upgraded further. The center will reap out skilling & employability on a major scale and it will help out to add huge value towards profitability of TRPCL. Talks are going on for National & International collaborations to align with this initiative., Ms. Jamatia said that this transition represents a significant milestone for TRPCL & its commitment in making a positive impact on our local community, environment, and the world at large. We are excited about the potential, this new Center for Innovation and Excellence holds for fostering sustainable development and innovation in the bamboo and other sector.

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