June 19, 2024


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Villagers Demanded Wine Shop Removal.

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Ampinagar, 1st of June, 2024 : A foreign liquor shop has opened here in Ampinagar Madhya Para, Ampinagar PS Gomati Tripura right in the middle of the village which has created much public wrath. The liquor shop is remained opened from morning to night and became a centre of drunkards. Drinkers always gather here and sit openly aside the main road and drink without any hesitation. Children and school students who are walking daily infront of this wine shop for going to school witness every thing. They witness the stake of wine bottles of the shop and observe drunkards who are drinking wine aside of their school road. When twilight appears all drunkards old and youngsters accelerate their disorder activities in the middle of the civilized Bengali society. They make loud noise and often after being intoxicated quarreling with villagers. Recently one case has been filed to Ampi PS and police has nabbed a criminal.

Some house wives adjacent the wine shop have said, “We are in great inconvenient for this wine shop. Due to drunkards quarreling and noise we are in terrified state. Children are being disturbed on their studies in the evening. To witness other drinking and row of colourful wine bottles local students and youngsters have been motivated and they have started drinking wine. This foreign liquor shop is destroying the our peace and harmony. If the administration does not take immediate initiative to remove the shop then indeed it will vanish the future of our village youngsters.” The concerned authority must take an urgent initiative against this society defiling foreign liquor shop to protect the healthy social environment, demanded the house wives of the area.

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